Sneak Peak: Our House

My husband and I bought our first home in February 2012.  We have loved our quite neighborhood.  Here's a sneak peak behind the walls of our 1950's home. 
It took me over a year to find the right table and chairs for our small dining space.  Our front room is huge and acts as our living space and dining room since we don't have a formal space for an eating area. I went through 4 different tables until I found the perfect one. As for the chairs, I picked them up at a local thrift store for $3 a piece.  I about toppled over when I turned them upside down and read they were "Herman Miller".  Score!
This desk is one of my favorite finds. I purchased it at a local thrift store for $8.  The top has an old map on it and various conversion tables.  I find it quite charming.  
The GIANT protractor was picked up at the Vintage Whites Market when they came to Salt Lake City this last winter. The protractor was used in WWII for army trainings. I also bought I giant compass which has yet to find a place for display.  
I am a stickler for finding vintage items and I will wait and wait and wait for "the right piece".  This large cabinet above, used as a dresser, however, is not vintage.  I had been searching for something industrial and I fell in love with this beauty.  It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that it was a reproduction, but I finally came to my senses when it went one sale.  It is definitely an investment piece but I am happy I bought it. 
The kitchen was a major selling point in our home.  We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so we wanted one that was open and updated. 
This is the back room where I store the items I sell in my online shop, MAEBERRY vintage. I have vintage dresses coming out the wazoo. 
We have two frogs, one that is 13 years old, the other is 2.  They get along pretty well and only croak when we listen to music with a good beat. 
I adore the industrial feel of lockers and how they make storage look good!  We keep all our tools and painting supplies in these blue babies. 

We recently had our home photographed by the lovely Samantha Mitchell.  I am so happy with how the photos turned out!  Our home is always a work in progress, but I am pleased how it has evolved in the last year.  

With buying and selling vintage and antiques my house changes weekly.  This is a snapshot of it "all done up" yet calm in between vintage markets.  I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into our humble abode. 


JeN & caThiE said...
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JeN & caThiE said...

Eek! My comment appeared twice, tried to delete one of them and it deleted both. It said. . . Absolutely stunning!! Your house is as charming as you are, Rachael! hugs, caThiE

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Wow! I love your home, it is so cool!. The lockers! The unit in your bedroom! The Ironing Boards! Its all so cool!

Daisy Dayz

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

It makes total sense that your house is so darling!! I love it! You need to open up your own vintage shop one day!

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

(Besides the beautiful etsy one!)

lindsay kjar said...

wow. can we be friends? i love finding lassies who share an adoration for vintage pyrex! it makes me swoon. thanks for sharing your lovely style:)

Jenni Copper said...

wow...what a lovely home! It's so difficult to have so many quirky things and make it work, well done! love it!

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