Hear This.

The Twilight Concert Series (Which has nothing to do with sparkly vampires): a free concert 
series put on by Salt Lake City Art Council starts in one month! July 8th for be exact. You 
can see the summer line up {HERE}, but beware if you look at it you will start drooling and 
wishing (if you don't) that you lived near Salt Lake City, Utah. You can stay with me, come 
visit, I don't mind.

The first bands up are Modest Mouse and Avi Buffalo. I chose the a video by Avi Buffalo so 
you can hear something new. If you haven't heard Modest Mouse, well, then that's just crazy.  
Go {HERE} and give them a listen as well. Be sure to go tonight if you are near! Enjoy!


Amanda said...

Um....how AWESOME was THAT VIDEO!!!!! I seriously wish I could be that creative!

Little Bear Stories said...

I love love love avi buffalo, they are my husband's current favourite! we're seeing them in august at the green man festival in wales... can't wait! hope you enjoyed them xx

Diana Mieczan said...

That video is so amazing! Thanks sweetie:)
Have a great day:)

lara said...

thanks, I take note

Julia said...

Hey it doesn't start until July 8th. But I'll for sure be there! Perhaps we'll meet in real life! :)

its simple love said...

ha ha yes I figured that out tonight! My bad!


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