The Tsunami Stole my Swimsuit

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As many of you may know that there was an earthquake in Chili early Saturday morning (between three and four in the morning).  It was the seventh largest earthquake in history.  8.8 on the Richter scale.  Luckily Chili was a bit more prepared than Haiti when it comes to earthquakes.  Death tolls are about to 723 people  thus far and rising (from CNN.COM).  Keep the people of Chili and Haiti in your prayers.

Because of the large earthquake there have been tsunami warnings around the world.  Along the coast of South America (AKA Peru where I current live), Hawaii, Samoa was evacuated, and the alarm was sounded all the way in Philippines. 
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What did I do Saturday, hours after the earthquake hit?  I went to the beach.  The beach was crowded.  No one knew of the earthquake here yet.  (Some people don’t have roofs do you think they are going to be watching the news?  Unlikely).  

We noticed right away that the tide was extremely high.  That’s odd we thought.   We went swimming in the ocean.  The waves were massive today!  What is different?  The waves were coming in hard and high.  My husband and I were diving under them, trying to avoid getting the salty water in our mouths and eyes. 
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There was a huge one coming our way.  “BIG ONE!” Chase yelled.  I dove under and got caught in the undercurrent.  My body was flailing about under the water.  I felt my swimsuit top become my bottom and my bottom piece become knee guards.  CrAp!  I grabbed them worried where I might end up on my beach and what might be exposed.
I popped up in about three feet of water.  I pulled up both pieces of my swimsuit.  Oh goodness.   I just got rocked but luckily the only things that saw my nakedness were the sea creatures.  I am lucky this is the worst that happened to me during this time of natural disaster. 
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Jonesy said...

I really like your blog : )
I am a new follower.
Please check out my blog when you get a chance.


Melissy J said...

HAHA that's awesome! you are so funny and i love all your fun posts! Have fun with Chasey in Peru and keep your clothes on ;-)

Little Bear Stories said...

So sad for all the people in Chile.

Your story made me giggle :) x

Sher said...

Your story made me smile through the sadness of the tragedy. My prayers are with those in Chile.

Following you here too:)


whitdastrup said...

But this was by far the best day at the beach.

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