Crispity Crunchity Underwear

Oh how I long for the comfort of a washer and dryer.  Having your clothes washed and dried by a machine, not your hands, is something I am longing for.  I peeled off our clothes from the line this morning all stiff and hardened to a “U” shape.  Mmmmm nothing I want more than crispity crunchity underoo’s in the morning.   

Now I feel guilty for complaining.  So uh…. Here are some things I am thankful for:

Hands that are able to wash clothes.
Running Water.
Clothes to wash.
The sun for drying my clothes.

I feel better. A grateful heart is a happy heart.


Hope Chella said...

These are some wonderful pictures and a great blog.


dee said...

It was not until just this past year that I had my own dryer (although I was always lucky enough to have a washing machine!), so I know what you mean. I too have brought crunchy clothes in off the line! I love (and still use) my clothes line in warmer weather, but there is nothing quite like pulling a pile of warm fluffy clothes out of the dryer on a winter's day.

Lady Ren said...

Love it- Fantastic title of course.

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