You Didn't.....

Nasty Things I’ve Seen People Eat Here In Peru

Fish eyeballs: I saw Lily suck the juice right out of it, then pop the remaining out of hr mouth and on to her plate.  Oh my. 

Bone Marrow: Danny sucked the marrow right out of the bone.  Slurped it right out of there.  What?!

Chicken feet:  I didn’t even know there was meat on chicken feet.  There is.  And you can eat it. 

Guinea Pig:  Oh yeah, that was ME eating that huh?  Yay.

Moi Moi: Sea Cockroaches.  Well that’s what THEY look like anyways.

I am sure all this is healthy.  I bet it’s just a cultural gap right?  Yes, with that knowledge, it still doesn’t help me gain my appetite back.   I eat with the family we rent from almost every day for lunch while Chase is at work.  It’s just an adjustment.  I am grateful for this adventure to Peru.

What's the weirdest thing you've eaten? 

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