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Mike Bailey Photography (He's only 16!  What?!?)

Right about now is when people start longing and day dreaming for warmer weather (my longing usually starts in November, one snow is good enough for me).  While many of you are in winter, I am here in Peru sweating beads and wishing it wasn't so humid.  I still am satisfied with laying on the beach, rather than curling up in my down comforter.  Here is some music that will take you to the beach.  Just close your eyes and listen. Imagine you are on the sandy shore listening to the waves wash up and you can feel the sun warming your skin.  

This ambient set will take you there.

“Coastal Brake”            Tycho        (Coastal Brake - EP)  FREE HERE               
“Out from Under”          Voicesvoices    (Origins)              FREE HERE

“Watch The Waves”      Taken By Trees   (East Of Eden)

“Day By Day”               Taken By Trees   (East Of Eden)        

“Ambling Alp”              Yeasayer   (Ambling Alp - EP)     FREE HERE    

“Breathe”                       Télépopmusik    (Genetic World)           
“Failure”                        A Sunny Day In Glasgow             FREE HERE

“Hoppípolla”                 Sigur Rós         (Takk...)       

“Glósóli”                       Sigur Rós   (Takk...)    
“Anjos”                         Julianna Barwick                            FREE HERE

“Salvation”                    Scanners                                         FREE HERE
Let me know what you think.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi :)

Peru? Sounds lovely. Right now I'm freezing here in Michigan....hopefully, Spring will climb over it's rusted fence and grace the world soon...or at least in my area. The snow seems to melt slowly, but not quick enough! Soon though I know, soon.

Btw, your header is PERFECT and I'm loving the shoes. THanks for stopping by :)

trishie said...

It's hot in Sydney now too, but i do appreciate the warm weather, i really hate it when it's cold!

Jeanette said...

I was just telling my roommate today how wonderful the beach sounded (as I looked outside and see the Ephraim snow, I sigh).

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