This Week.

1. I took a picture meaning to capture my roofless neighbors house (slightly creepy now that I think about it).  To my surprise I got this great picture of the telephone wire shaped like a heart.  I didn't notice it until I looked at my digital camera screen.  I was delighted.   It was like a little "I love you" from a far off friend.

2. This fan is my new best friend.

3. My handsome husband taking a laugh break with me as we read our books.  I love laying on the bed by my husband, just reading and enjoying life silently together.  We are old souls. 

4.  I am pleased to say my cooking skills are getting better.  Thank Heavens.  Especially now since I have gotten use to the big meals here.  I have woken a sleeping giant.  

1 comment:

Fé... said...

Cute pictures. Love them!

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