Puerto Morin: A Quaint Fishing Village

Like sardines we all piled in to Miguel's taxi, all seven of us, and we made our way to Puerto Morin, Peru.  It was an uncomfortable ride as our shoulder's battled for comfort.  No one won.  We drove straight thru the poor fishing town and onto the beach.  It was much more solitude than Huanchaco, the beach we usually go to.  There were no tourists here.  Just us and the fisherman and the locals scavenging for Moi Moi.  

Moi Moi are those sea creatures you see in the last picture in the hands of Aquiles, our new Peruvian friend who we later buried in the sand.  He dug them out of the sands in the tide and ate them right there on the beach.  He pulled off the shell and popped the orange innards in his mouth, squirmy legs and all.  He offered.  I refused.   Chase, my handsome husband, described them perfectly as "sea cockroaches".  Uh.... no thank you. 

The day was pleasant basking in the sun and building a sea serpent out of sand.  Days like these, I don't ever want to leave Peru.

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Fé... said...

Beautiful polaroids. Looks like you're having such a good time there ;)

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