A Taste of Trujillo

A taste of Trujillo that I was trying to avoid: Cuy.  
Or many of you might call this: : fluffy, or manny, or wiggles, or whatever you named your guinea pig.  Yes this is guinea pig.  
Can you see the little leg in the lower photo?  
You can't see the little hairs glistening in the sun, but I sure did.  
If you can get past the thought of eating your childhood pet and such, it actually wasn't that bad.  
It was like chicken. 
I wouldn't say I would ever eat it again.  
 In a strange way, I am glad I got to try the Peruvian delicacy.  
In a very strange strange way.  


tifsong said...

oooh boy. thats daring of you ms.

once when i lived in Russia,
i ate Horse Jerky.
and even worse Pig Ear.

that was the only sort of daring I got, though. you probably win the prize.

Lauren Jacobson said...

OH man you and your hubby are quite the gorgeous couple! seriously you two will make beautiful children! And I think I know that girl in your picture? I think she's friends with my friend Anna, maybe I met her once or twice? not sure. Anyways sounds like you're having fun out there!

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