While I have had so much down time in Trujillo I have been able to focus on some of my talents, passions, loves, or whatever you want to label them.  I have also have had the time to read.  Here are some thoughts from a book I currently have my nose in.  I hope you get inspired from it's message as I have.

"Many are afraid of the word “creativity” or awed by it.  We frequently have the false notion that others are creative, while we are just spectators, or at best, helpers or facilitators.  We should do better to avoid limiting ourselves that way." 
-Awaken Your Spiritual Power by Susan Noyes Anderson, Pg. 50-52:

“Neglect not the gift that is in thee”. (1 Timothy 4:14)

“The most visible creators I know of are those artists whose Medium is life itself… the ones who express the inexpressible without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar.  They neither paint nor sculpt – their medium is being.  Whatever their presence touches has increased life.  They see and don’t have to draw.  They are artists of being alive”. (anonymous)

Express your creativity in all its capacities. 
In the arts, in your family, in your life. 
Live life to its fullest potential. 
May life be your medium.
                                                                                                                                  - Rachael.
I've been working on my photography skills.  
What one do you like best?


JG said...

Let each man exercise the art he knows.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Yours is pretty darn great too.
Also, I like the first photo best.

Melissy J said...

I like the second one!

Sue said...

What a pleasure to read that you are enjoying having your nose in my book! (I am certainly enjoying having my nose in your blog...)

Since "Awaken Your Spiritual Power" was published, I have learned that the quote about "artists of life" is by J. Stone. Quite a talented woman.


Fé... said...

Aaawww... that's a creative way to make a heart! Cool!

jenobebs said...

i like the 1st :)

Anonymous said...

The first one!
Could you post some photography tips?
I got myself a DSLR but I know nothing about it!

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