With a world like today, don't you just want to escape?  The stress of the health reform, the recession, finding a good job, trying not gain 10 lb. from rocky road ice cream...  We have  lot on our plates, in our ice cream bowls and on our chubby little tummies.   STRESS. 

And this is why we are running away to Peru.  See ya later U.S.A.  I need my fix of chicken, rice, and beans. 

I want peruvian natives following me around gawking at my pale skin and amazonian height.   I want to escape the cold Logan winter for the warm Peru sun to kiss my pasty freckled shoulders. 

Okay, it's not the stress that is making us leave actually (although the hippie inside me wishes I could just get up and go whenever I wanted to).  Chase received an internship.  Which is much better than running from stress.   We will be leaving for Peru for three months, plus a month of travel in Peru/ Argentina.  

I AM SO ECSTATIC (Being in a state of ecstasy; joyful or enraptured.)!   I am on a high right now thinking of living in another country with my hunk of a man Chase.  I know culture shock will catch up to me, but for now, utter bliss.

This is an amazing opportunity for Chase career wise and a crazy opportunity for us to grow together. 


Nick and Emily said...

that really is going to be such an awesome experience. congrats. it'll be one of the greatest times of your married lifes.

Brian and Kayla said...

Hey Ray! I am excited for you. This really is a unique opportunity...and it is all yours! Hope you are doing well! Can't wait to see you again :o)

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