Never Never Land

I grew up watching Peter Pan and wishing I was able to fly off to Never Never Land.  While living in a leafy green canopy I could have adventure within my youth for many moons.  I would fly, wear a nightgown, and fight pirates all day (and win of course).   I didn't know Never Never Land had zip-lines, wallabies,  and Emus.  To my wonderment, it does. 

In a small town in Idaho, just across the border from Utah, lies Never Never Land.  Who knew it was just miles away?  A man build tree houses connected with creaky-squeaky-sketch-ball wooden plank bridges connecting them.  He really loves his kids.  And Peter Pan.  And I love him, well, more what he built.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Looks like a lot of fun. :D
I love the wraparound wooden walkway.

If you need more Pan adventure in your life, there's a novel out based on Barrie's own idea for more! http://www.peterpansneverworld.com/
Have fun!

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