Our Little Family

Sweater {anthropologie} Shoes {ruche}

A family portrait session took place in our lovely home last weekend. Photography by Samantha Mitchell. I just adore how they turned out! Samantha is a professional photographer from New York City who recently moved to Utah. Quite the change!

 The chair is a recent estate sale purchase. My how I love a good estate sale. We recently painted our walls a teal blue. It was a bold move, but it has been a fun and lively color. It is a bright burst of color as soon as you walk into our large and spacious front room. 

We took pictures with our furry children, Fang & Fawn and the hairless child; Old Man Willie. He is a white tree frog that is 12 years old. We have no children yet, but I am hoping that will change in about 2 years.

If you have kids, what age were you when you had them? How did you know you were ready?  Or did it come as a happy surprise? Do tell!


Rachey Elder said...

I love your photos, the colors are so pretty. Well, and of course you are too! I was 25 when I had Pearl. She was a bit of a surprise but we were planning on getting pregnant 3 months later. Best surprise ever! You'll make such a great mom someday:)

Cara said...

We just had a baby girl last week :0
It was a surprise for us when we found out we were pregnant, but we figured we would never really be "ready" anyway...We love our new little family!

Liesl said...

Your little family is just adorable!!! Yay for furry children too! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the photos. keep up the good work.
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Jenni Copper said...

Love these photos! My brother's a photographer and I think he'll love them too! :)

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