Conversations: The Shining Son

I was sitting in the office when a man came in with his son to pick something up.  Upon their departure  I overhear this:

The Man says: "Come on Son.  We're leaving".

 He walks out the door while the young boy is glued to the fish tank.
The door opens and the Man comes back in.

"Son, I said we're leaving.  Who else do you think I would be talking to when I say Son?"

I hear a mumble but can't understand the boy as he is hurried out the door.
The Man, now in the stairwell, says loud enough so I can hear,

"No, I was not talking to the Sun in the Sky."

The door closes and I let out a little giggle.

This makes me even more baby hungry, I want to be a mom.  I want a little lad who will have enough imagination to talk to the sun.  And I want to be the kind of mom who will talk to the Sun with him.   What would we talk about?  Well that is between me and the Sun.

Also, Thank you Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style for the Award!

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Chloë said...

Hmm, am I sensing an upcoming pregnancy announcment?! ;)

That would be exciting!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I can it imagine SOoooo good,sweetheart Rachael:-)*
You feelings and how attentively was you are lissening,darling!!!

I love you post as ALWAYS:-)))*

My sunshineing hugs for you,

Emma Jade said...

im very near to squealing over how adorable this is!

Claire Kiefer said...

That is so cute . . . and I totally feel you on being baby-hungry! I'm afraid I'm nowhere near that time . . . but I am always looking forward to it!

Kate said...

That is so lovely! Kids make us see the world through different eyes.

Kate x

Alea said...

You will be a great mom!... The kind that all of your children's friends are friends with 'cause you're so cool! ;)

I think Clara likes your blog music and your post. She stopped squirming and seemed to listen very intently (as intently as you can expect a 2 mo old to listen anyway!)

Beatriz said...

What a sweet little story :) I bet you would make a wonderful mom!! Social work is so humbling and teaches you so much about this world. Your kids will be lucky to have such a Lovely mom ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend Love!

Purple Deer said...

That's so cute! I can't wait till Milo starts talking. You'll be a mama. I get a very maternal vibe from you even over our e-mails. It will happen :)

P.S. I haven't forgotten your gift...it's wrapped on my desk...I've just been lazy and haven't mailed it! :)

Makay said...

I know how you feel. I was at my boyfriends graduation party and his niece was there (7 months old) and I was like "Wow. I am 16 and I want to be a mom." haha. not now, but I definently want to be a mom when I am older. haha. I love kids. :)


tywo said...

oooo...so so cute!
You know how you smile with such excitement on your face?. That's how I'm smiling now.


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh...It makes me want one too...Such a great post. I am already in a baby mood after a baby shower and all the little cuties...I bet you will be THAT mom...Sun, You and the little guy...Perfect match!!!
Kisses and wish you are dreamy day:)

Kate said...

GAH! I wondered how long it would take for me to find someone who had the same layout as me!
Hooray! :)

Found you through a crazy rabbit trail, and I love your site!
Following most definitely :)


tifsong said...

you should totally be a mom.
oooh i can't even imagine what a good mom you'd be!

p.s. meeting you was glorious.

Sarah B said...

It sounds like you would make an amazing Mother :)

Yelena said...

awee.. what a cute story! :)
someday that will be you!
all in due time, even though sometimes it's so darn hard to wait! :)

Liya said...

that is soo soo cute!

Heather Taylor said...

Aww, that's so cute. Kids say the greatest things.

Marija said...

This post had me fighting back tears. Any mom willing to talk to the sun with her son is a good mom :)

Melanie said...

Awww :)


Kelle Dame said...

Great story! Thank you for sharing! Sounds like you will be an awesome mom! The best reason to want kids is because you want a little person to laugh like crazy with. You also get so many opportunities to just be silly :)

All the best!

Josie said...

Haha, I loved this story. So cute. And you are going to be an absolutely FANTASTIC mom some day, Rachael!
xo Josie

communikate. said...


you'll be a great mom some day! ;)

Michele Lee said...

I know this is completely random, but I tried to place your button on my blog(because I adore your blog so...) and it does not seem to work. Please help?

Dylana Suarez said...

Lovely post!


sofi moukidou said...

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hehe, aww what an adorable post! hmmm i haven't considered motherhood yet . . . considering i'm only in my second year of being a teenager :) hope you have a lovely week ♥

beingdena said...

Wonderful post darling. I truly hope you will be blessed with many healthy children, because they are blessings and I am sure you will make an amazing mother.

Dena ♥

Miss Madeline said...

children are so cute!

ALFIE said...

a child's imagination is a gorgeous thing! you will be an amazing mother! and i have no doubt that motherhood will come to pass for you when the time is just right :)

C'est La Vie said...

haha awww i love little kids!

Persis Shah said...

awww this is such a darling post Rachael. makes me long for a wee lil cherub of my own now =))

xo, Persis

Vanessa said...

Awww! That is soooooo cute! Kids can be so adorable!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Oh my goodness, that is so precious. I can't wait to have my own little ones too. I have a 6-year-old sister and she is so much fun!

x Jasmine

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