Hear This.

Mountain/Molehill by Uzi & Ari

I have posted on Uzi & Ari before, but I just love their music so. 
Based in SLC, UT this band has been compared to Thom Yorke and Postal Service.
My favorite album is their second one, It's Freezing Out 2007.
Check this video out. Bells, tree climbing, and apples... how can you go wrong?
Their newest album is Headworms, 2009.

Take a look-see.  


Diana Mieczan said...

Just perfect!!!! I love it:)
Kisses sweetie

Josie said...

This is great, doll! You always find the best music, I swear.
xxoo Josie

Molly said...

I like it!
AND that singer is not too tough to look at - if you like that bearded, indie rocker in a tree type of guy - which apparently I do.

ALFIE said...

lovelovelove this!!! heading to itunes RIGHT NOW!

Aut said...

Ooh, lovely suggestion. I'll look up more of their music.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

YES, love it!

Wild and Precious said...

love it. gonna have to listen to more... & just might have to wiggle them!


v [ hobovogue ] said...

what great prints!


[v] hobovogue.blogspot.com

India Cairen Beau Sutton said...

hi rachel,
this is such a great song, i will definitely be checking these guys out more.
that car belongs to my friend! her dad's a collector - im very jealous! it's a 2CV6 Citroen Charlston.
keep up the great posts, i love reading :)
beau x

Mariska Meijers said...

This band is totally new to me. Wonderful sound! Thank you for sharing xox

Des said...

This is the first time I've heard this. Thank you for sharing this.

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