Weekend Wonderment

First off, I want to thank all my guest bloggers that have blessed It's Simple Love with their grace and wisdom.  It has been an honor.  If you missed these guest posts visit them HERE.

I have been working vigorously to get my etsy shop up and running.  No, it's not up yet but it will be within the next couple weeks!  It is called Ande Mönster, meaning Spirit Design in Swedish, it is a Vintage and Vintage Inspired Clothing store.   There is so much that goes into opening your own shop(besides your heart and your soul), which I am sure many of you can relate too.  Above is one dress that will be up for grabs, on our beautiful model Lara.

On that note, any tips on starting my etsy?  

If you have an etsy, what's something I might have looked over or should anticipate?  
If you don't, what are some features you like about your favorite etsy shop? 
What is your favorite etsy shop? Or your own?
 If you don't know what etsy is, go HERE and fall in love with this online community.

This is what I will be doing this weekend.  
How about you?


Fernanda dauphine said...

Wow, I'm so jealous, I wish you the best!!!!
I'd love to see more stuff that's gonna be on your store ! good luck! I loved the dress


Dressing On The Side said...

Good luck! Just jump in and enjoy the ride!

Claire said...

Good Luck!! I love etsy, i've actually signed up to it but have never gotten around to putting anything in the shop, well you know life just keeps getting in the way!
Hope your's does well! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Hi, congratulations on the shop opening! That sounds really exciting.

Hmm- who are my favorite sellers? Those who have products that are very pretty or have a small touch that is a bit unique. I searched through so many Etsy sellers when wedding planning!

I am a blogger buddy of Shari and glad I found your blog too! Hope to see you around blogland soon!

Diana Mieczan said...

I am so excited for you! I cant wait to see it and that dress is very cute!
Kisses and see you soon my lovely:)

brit @ Antika Moda said...

Beautiful Dress!! That's so exciting that your starting an Etsy shop...Very cool shop name too!!...I'm in the works to start one as well, it seems there is a LOT to learn, so maybe we could help each other out ;) I wish you the best of luck and great success!!! ♥♥

Josie said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
xxoo Josie

tifsong said...

oh man! this is so great! i totally love everything you have on your fbook site. although none of it will fit me.
because i am that cool.

also. you're so dang cute.
for reals.


Anonymous said...

so exciting, i am looking forward to your own etsy shop. much luck and fortune. i do not own one, but love many. from what i've heard there are lots that have a unique and lovely way of shipping their orders with pretty packaging, i think that is sweet.

btw, i am enjoying your playlist while visiting and reading your blog.


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Cute dress! I can't wait to check out your Etsy shop when it opens. Good luck!

x Jasmine

magpie said...


Ahhh that's so exciting for me!! Seriously! I've never ever ever come across a blogger that even knew what coeur d' alene or spokane was, let alone pullman/moscow! I actually live in Moscow, so I definitely am very very well acquainted with Lewiston, Gennessee, Spokane, Potlatch, and every town within 80 miles :). Hmmm....I don't recognize the name Patten but more than likely, I have seen them around. I graduate next week and yes! Prom :) I'm posting all my pictures so soon.

tifsong said...

oh this is unrelated to this post, since i already commented on it.

but you make me laugh. thanks for the comment on my saturday morning blabble. hahaha! i am proud to have more kahunas then a man.

jozen said...

oh, you are going to do fab my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Rachael!!! Your comment on my post was so funny! :)
Oh, I got the mail today, and of course I screamed!! I enjoyed reading. I can't wait to reply!
Your etsy shop would be fabulous. I'll probably be stalking it.


Elisa, Croatia said...

Congrats, I love ETSY!! I don't have a shop there but I do have a friend who sells lovely coffee cozies and she did mention Etsy is a great community, they are very helpful, so feel free to ask questions, etc..you are already to a great start, the name to your shop. What ever you do, do it with passion!

GOOD luck

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