NO Bangs.
NO Bangs.
NO Bangs.
No Bangs.

So what's your vote?  To have bangs or not to have bangs, that is the question.
I think bangs add something to my long boring brown hair.  Then again I can't really pull them back and I JUST grew them out long enough to fit behind my ear without sneaking back out from behind to tickle my nose.  Hmmm.  Quite the predicament.  

No Bangs or Bangs?

Also, I wanted to thank some amazing bloggers for bestowing upon me some awards.  I am grateful for each one and flattered that someone would think of me! 
 Thank you ladies.
Madeleine who blogs on fashion to books to eating healthy.  She is a fun and easy read. 
Clare who displays fabulous images of her ventures and is an avid reader.
Marcie who is a gorgeous gal who blogs about her life.
Bree who blogs about fashion, her life, and her insights.
Style My Happiness a fashion blogger who also highlights books, home decor, and her life.

Check out these delightful blogs.  You wont be disappointed. 

I want to pass this along to 
Rosa (creative outfits everyday you wont want to miss)
Violetta (you must check out her divine creations)
Ken (an intern at Giant Robot Mag who dabbles in many areas) 
Fe (a fashion muse who thinks for herself)
The Girl in the Purple Pants (a quirky writer who will make you laugh)
Lesly (If you love art, music, and home decor head on over)

With this award you must name five random things about yourself:

1.  I am a daydreamer.
2. I have been sky diving.
3. I am scared of swimming in mirky water.
4. I still literally have dreams of being a superhero (not sure what that is about).
5. I can't shuffle cards for the life of me. 

SO grab this award, pass it on to those you love, and spill your guts on some fun facts about YOU!


Not Wendy said...

I discovered this blog on endofmarch's formspring, and I'm so glad I did. What was it like skydiving?

Oh, and no bangs! :)

Hope Chella said...

I love you with or without bangs :-) Decisions, decisions!

Not Wendy said...

Thanks for following! You're my lucky fourth. (:

Suyinsays said...

i think no bangs! although you look lovely with both, id say that no bangs really complements your face shape, and i totally get that, they are sooooo annoying, especially in summer!!

lots of love

Alison said...

i'm going to say no bangs, seeing as i just got my mine cut in a very similar style and, unfortunately, regret it.

both are lovely, though!

Melissy J said...

I'm gonna have to say no bangs. I loved your bangs in your engagements and wedding pictures but I really, really like the first picture where you have no bangs. You're adorable any way. I'm glad you guys are back and hope to see you soon!

GA+E said...

NO bangs! youre so beautiful! show off your face! :)
xx GA

TaylorCristen said...

another vote for no bangs!

Café Bellini - Beauty. Yoga. Kids. Life. said...

I say... no fringe / no bangs whatever. You have pretty eyes and they are more visible when you have your hair swept away from your face. Or try a compromise - a longish fringe - that you can wear both ways; try parting the fringe (with wax or spray or something) when you have the time, it will give you a different look. That's what I'm doing at the moment :-)

Little Bear Stories said...

you look so pretty with both, i just don't know...plus i'm having the same problem, its so hard to decide! x

Eva said...

it's both beautiful, but I vote no bangs.
I think it fits you better:)

La Historiadora de Moda said...

You look great either way, but I also vote for no bangs!

Marcie said...

Seriously, you are so pretty, you can pull both looks off. Can you do a longer bang that you can either wear or sweep off to the side?


Katie Lynn said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments, Rachael, and for entering the giveaway -- I'm a big fan of your blog!

P.S. Another vote for "no bangs". :)

beingdena said...

NO BANGS! we want to be able to see your pretty eyes.


LouBoo said...

Hmmm tricky on the 'bangs' question - we call them 'fringes' here and I had a similar dilemma after watching 500 days of Summer and liking Zooey's hair! From the pictures you posted, the ones without bangs look...don't know quite how to put my finger on it...more grown up! Don't take that the wrong way! I guess I mean sophisticated! Anyway - for me I have decided no...so am in the rather painful process of growing out. L x

Claire said...

I'm joining the NO BANGS (fringe to me) but only because i'm loving hair accessories at the mo and you can clip your hair back with some nice sparkly clips, but really you are beautiful both ways :)PS love the wedding pic

Strawberryblush said...

Well I just stumbled over here to your blog while reading a few of my friends blogs but I'll cast my vote anyways :)

No bangs for sure cuz you have a nice forhead and pretty eyes and you might as well keep the hair back to show that off.


amy anne said...

I vote no bangs! But I am at constant war with my hair and completely understand needing a change.

Thanks for stopping by!

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Both are very cute. But I like it slightly better with no bangs. :)

Here's my email...

meraldia said...

I choose bangs! They are so girly!

tywo said...

You are so pretty.
I can't pick. Sorry.
I love both!!!


woodlandsblonde said...

Either way is pretty!

But I vote no bangs!

About me Aweedee :) said...

Hi there, let me intruduse myself before i start blabbing about your post haha~ :D I'm Aweedee and as you might figure, i'm a new follower~ Love your blog and hope it's ok that i ad you! ;) Looking forward to reading your blog! <3

Now to the point! :)) I think it makes a big difference with and without bangs... But you have a very pretty face so bangs or no bangs you'll still look good~ So voting for one will be hard but dunno~ Gah* Hope it's ok that i leave it at that sorry can't decide as it looks good both ways!~ Haha~

Huggles* And keep it up hun~

Cassie said...

so cute! but i think i would chose no bang, still beautiful though! congrats on your award!!

Claire Kiefer said...

You look beautiful regardless, but I think I'd go with no bangs. How on earth did you get those perfect curls in the first picture? They won't stay in my hair for the life of me. :(

Nicole Marie said...

i love bangs but i just can't pull them off :(

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Side-swoop bangs! That way you have a little of both.

Diana Mieczan said...

I love bangs and I have it, so my vote is for it!
Great post and congrats to all of the ladies who won and to you too :)

ellinelle said...

..I think - no bangs ..why ? only because with no bangs your eyes stand out and look so beautiful ..but both ways are good , you are stunning girl so both ways you look good ..

Have a great day girlie : )))
..the title actually reminded me of that song you know - bang bang ..don't know the title ..

FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I have to say that you, Rachael, are super adorable no matter how you wear your hair, bangs or no bangs!

However, if I had to say which way I would lean a little more for you, it would be...no bangs! :)

I simply love your carefree natural beauty!

Liesl :)

leigh ashley said...

i think either looks good, but i would vote no bangs if i had to.

melifaif said...

Oh, so nice to know I am not a loner when it comes to this question. I am doing the same thing as I type. I am voting FOR bangs. Cuz they will grow out and then we can do this all again...I'll be here. No worries.

littledaisymay said...

You look beautiful either way! I really like your hair in the picture of you on the boat...kind of a side bang :)

Couture said...

I vote no bangs.

Makay said...

no bangs.... your hair is gorgeous! :)


LookinFab said...

No bangs! or longer ones that fall on your cheeks.

LookinFab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for stopping by. I love your look both ways, you are very pretty, its just what you are in the mood for I guess.

1.I disliked my husband when I first met him.

2.I put commas where I'm not suppose to.

3.I have a huge crush on Brad Pitt.

Much Love Lisa.

tifsong said...

no bangs for summertime! but definitely bring them back during the winter.

tifsong said...

p.s. you're radiant. :)

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

No bangs darling Rachael:-)*

But you eyes is amazingly wonder always on the all photos,my beautiful Friend!!!

Thank you for these Award,Rachael,I am SO delight to recieve them:-)))*


Chelsea Gwynne said...

You are beautiful either way!

If I had to vote - I'd say no bangs.
Like my 98year old grandmother would see "Then I can see more of your pretty face!"


You're gorgeous either way but if I'd have to choose one I'd go with no bangs as well.

Hope your week is off to a great start :)


Chloe said...

I love how Americans say bangs! We saw fringe, and I'd definitely have to go with NO bangs/fringe! Whilst you do suit the fringe look, I prefer you without as you can see your beautiful eyes!
You have such a great smile too, I love it. The wedding photos are so sweet too! Great photos :)


thenextarrow said...

no bangs. you look lovely either way, but even lovelier without, in my opinion.


xo Alison

Mere said...

Well first you look great both ways. I say maybe a longer bang that you can side swept.

Congrats on the award!

ALFIE said...

thanks for the links :)

i am a no bang gal! i always try to talk myself into chopping some hipster bangs, but i never can. i'm too addicted to the ease of pinning my hair back. or having a deep side part. or whipping it all back into a quick pony.

der ableger said...

pictures come-pictures go.
you are allways pretty.

Ken said...

thanks for the award!

Fé... said...

Ow, this turns out to be harder than I had thought. Bangs or no bangs, you looks gorgeous! And thanks for the award, darling :) So honored to have received it from you.

And the description you gave about me (a fashion muse who thinks for herself), I'm loving it so much! Love you. *hugs and kisses*

MeghalinaBee said...

I go through this debate from time to time as well! I like the no-bangs look currently!

.simply.life. said...

hmmmm, well you look beautiful either way...how about a little longer than normal bangs, but shorter than "no bangs." Then swoop them off to the side. This would look nice. THEN, you can pin them back OR wear them down.

Jo said...

I love the bangs in the 2nd and 3rd bangs pics, where they're slightly longer and choppier, and not as thick :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hmmm, I know this isn't what you want to hear but you look great both ways!! jaja I know that doesn't help you decide much, but truth be told, you rock both looks wonderfully!


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

You're lucky becaue you suit both ways. I'm going to vote for no fringe (I'm currently growing my fringe out, so that could be swaying my decision, haha).

x Jasmine

Sophie Dewispelaere said...

Omg, this picture are so beautiful!
I really like blog!
Would you visit mine, if u don't mind?

Nuit said...

no bangs ;) your hair isnt boring at all!!!!!

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