Worst Day of Traveling

I just got back to Buenos Aires from Iguazu this evening.  There is much to catch up on.  This weekend was…. it was many things.

I left you Friday nervous as to whether we would have a place to sleep that night.  We left Buenos Aires headed toward 9 de Julio, a small town about five hours away by bus.   All the hotels were booked due to an auto race that we were unaware of.  We got to 9 de Julio Bus Terminal with nowhere to go, so my husband went to talk to a travel agency there while I sat on a bench to watch our stuff.

Do you know what happened then?  I got flashed.  A perverted-little-fifteen year-old flashed me.  I was in his direct line of sight from the bathroom doorway.  No I was not peeking in, he waved himself back and forth until he got my attention.  He exposed himself, laughed, and ducked into the bathroom.  “What?  What what what…. Wait … WHAT!” 

I was upset.  Deeply disturbed. I left our baggage for a second to get my husband’s attention so we could do something about it.  We informed his supervisors, who did nothing.  I asked my husband to “talk firmly” to the kid, which he did.  The next day we reported it to the police.  We talked to someone who wrote a report.  The officer informed us the laws are different here, they can’t do much, but they would be willing to talk to him.

The officer knew right away who the boy was.  They informed us he had been kicked out of his house at an early age.  No one would take him in.  He had been to Juvie before, he was trouble, and most likely he would end up in jail.  This was the first time he had exposed himself in public, to their knowledge. 

This whole incident was so sad to me.  Sad that this fifteen-year-old boy would think it was okay, even funny, to do something like that.  It made me sad he had no family and nowhere to go.   It made me sad that nothing was going to happen about the situation.  

One lesson I have learned that stood out to me is “what you tolerate you teach”.   I will not tolerate being molested like that.  If you ignore emotionally and sexually abusive acts like this it just teaches the offender that there is no consequence, therefore it’s okay to do.  Don’t tolerate abuse.

So, that night we did get a hostal.  It was horrid, with no bathroom, no heating (it was cold!), and WAY to expensive. 

Luckily the next day we visited some of my husband’s friends (He lived in Argentina for two years serving an LDS mission).  They invited us to stay with them and the whole weekend turned around.  Thank goodness for their hospitality. 


whitdastrup said...

i can't believe he flashed you! that little peruvian perv. rachael, i love that you don't tolerate those kind of things. you stand up for your values and i think that is important

Taj Acosta said...

There is always something creeping around isn't there..that sucks big time. Well at least you found a place to sleep. Glad to hear your weekend turned around doll. xoxo

Marcie said...

Oh my, that is quite a lot. Please stay safe! I hope the weekend is great and makes up for this incident.


Ellie Grace said...

What a horrible experience! That is so frustrating that no consequences would come his way... Errg!!
I hope your experience in Argentina only goes up from here.

-Ellie Grace

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Oh man you weren't joking about the worst travel day. Glad it got better. :)

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Lily Riani said...

love reading your stories in there - so much insight. and i so agree, never see & thought of it this weem - “what you tolerate you teach”. am making a point to tell them off *nicely* in the future.

Chiaki in here said...

I ever being abused by big tall woman on the mall..
She grab my boobs til I feel hurt then run away...
I dunno know what happend at the 1st time, because it was too painful..
Luckily my sista get the security to catch her..Pitty her sometimes, because when we try to call her parents, they seems like doesn't wannna know and care..

~KS said...

I am so sorry you had to go through this... I hope that young man finds his way. Sounds like he's a bit lost...
And I'm glad some friends have welcomed you in now.

Josie said...

This does sound like a truly horrendous day. I'm so sorry that happened to you, doll. I'm glad, though, that things turned around for you -- travel safe!
xxoo Josie

Little Bear Stories said...

i'm so shocked that this happened to you! ((hugs))
glad this horrid day is behind you now x

melifaif said...

Oh dear. I am sorry for this. Good for you for taking a stand. And hopefully teaching a good life lesson for the kiddo. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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