Road Trips

I thank my parents for my love for music. I got a good of dose of music from the road trips we went cross-country.  We lived in Virginia and my grandparents lived in Idaho.  It was a three-day trip in the Silver Bullet, the Toyota Previa, we owned to get there (later that was to be my high school car… eh van… I’m cool). My two brothers, two sisters and I would sprawl out over the seats and claim our territory.  We’d eat gummies, chips and Dramamine (which I called dramabean), which we guzzled down with sprite. 

I remember once sticking gummy bears up my nose so there little shiny faces pocked out the bottom of my nostrils. I then proceeded to heckle cars we passed by on the freeway.  I’d make faces ugly enough to make babies cry.  This went on for long enough that the gummy bears melted by the warm of my breath.  I had to use baby wipes to get the sticky green and red goo from out my nostrils. They were long twelve-hour days, three of them in a row, and we were inventive with our activities. 

I really enjoyed getting swept away in the lyrics and melodies of the songs that filled the long hours.  I remember singing softly hoping no one could hear but I couldn’t stop myself from singing. I’ve always been shy about others hearing me sing.   That remains the same to this day.  

My parents took turns driving thus taking turns with their diverse music tastes.  I loved the switch and loved each song.  I also remember listening to the soundtrack of Les Miserables a thousand times over.  Castle on a Cloud was “my song” (I still have dibs on it if you want to fight me for it).  We also listened to The Hobbit on Book on Tape quite a few times. I envisioned the dragon in the sky so vividly. I knew exactly where he needed to be shot to come tumbling down from the sky.
Here are the names of the sounds that graced my ears and pierce my memory of being carsick, having gummy nostrils, or softly singing along.

When my mom was driving:
Zombie by the Cranberries
Alone by Heart
I Do by Lisa Loeb
She’s in Love with the Boy by Trisha Yearwood
My Sharona by the Knack
Dimming of the Day by Bonnie Riatt
Jealous Bone by Patty Loveless
My Baby Loves Me by Martina McBride

When my Dad was driving:
Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp
Mary Janes Last Dance by Tom Petty
Sandman by America
Hard Days Night by the Beatles
Losing my Religion by R.E.M.
Still the same by Bob Seger
After the Gold Rush by Neil Young
Money by Pink Floyd
Message In a Bottle by The Police
All I Want is You by U2

What did you grow up listening to in the car? 


Matt said...

Love the music in the car thing. It's like your life's soundtrack.
You've listed some great tunes there. I seem to remember growing up a listening to whatever was popular at the time in the 70's. So that meant a lot of the Bee Gees, Elton John, and bands like The Captain and Tenile (I actually saw them in concert and met them!) My dad also played a lot of country stuff like Johnny Cash, which now I think is cool.
When I got my own car it was lots of R.E.M. nad 80's alternative music.

Alea said...

I think driving around and listening to music with my mom is one of my happiest memories growing up. It's where I found my love of 80's pop music. :-D

francescbb@hotmail.es said...

Good shot and post!!!



tifsong said...

THANK YOU for posting this image. it's my favorite. :)

and i am going to ponder upon what we listened to.

really a little bit of everything.
i can always remember when my mom would get a new cd she'd take us for a really long drive to listen to her favorites.

like when she got the Fergie cd. we tour up the air with our windows down and the bass thumping.

really. my mom is hip.
but then she listens to country twang and it ruins everything.

just kidding. my dad is more about the old school rock. he loves depeche mode and duran duran. but the WHO and STYX frequent his tunage. too. he digs Iron & Wine as well.

i was raised, thankfully, with music galore.

ps. lets play when you get back from your adventure. mason and lindsey and venturing my way today! i can't WAIT to see them.

Claire said...

Wow your mum had fab taste in music.
I met my hubbie 21 yrs ago when he used to give me lifts in his car, he played Pat Benetar as he knew i liked her (trying to impress me...it worked) when i hear Love is a Battlefield it reminds me of those days. Oh and the boxes of Maltesers he kept on the dashboard helped woo me also :)

Alex said...

Flanders and Swann and Kenneth Williams reading Just William stories, I think my parents ruined modern comedy for me because nothing makes me laugh like these men can!

pen.ny said...

So funny- your dad's list is exactly what my dad's list would be! Tom Petty was huge for me! As was the beatles- big time, my dad's favorite. As for my mom, it was really whatever with her. I definitely got the music bug from my father. But my mom can dance!!!

laura fay said...

My mum's car tapes definitely influenced the music I think of when I remember my childhood. It was always The Corrs, Roxette, or John Farnham. And my Dad is Supertramp, Meatloaf and Midnight Oil. They have very odd taste!

This is a great post :) I love your blog!

x Laura

The Rainbow Secret said...

what a cool pic!and thank's for the comment i love your stuff too!

Anastasia said...

rush limbaugh unfortunately.

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