Little Bit In Love With You

From EP Album "Little Bit" 2007.
Swedish indie singer
Sounds like: feist or weird science.


Charmalade said...

I do like Lykke Li, and this song is catchy yet entrancing. I also wanted to say that I really liked your "Our Deepest Fear" post awhile back, about being beautiful (I'll try not to burst out into the Christina Aguilera song now). I actually think it's interesting because I just read a post on Second Skin where she touched on the subject of loving yourself. But it wasn't meant in a narcissistic way, but in a healthy way. I thank you for your kind words and insight. Next time I look in the mirror, I'll scowl, only to laugh at my silly self. :D

Toast with Charmalade

Little Bear Stories said...

I love this song, not listened to it for ages, thanks for putting it up! x

Sher said...

Oh, she's my latest crush! Love the song:)


dieter michalek said...

i love it.

Matt said...

thanks for sharing. i'm hearing bjork in there somewhere..

tifsong said...

she's great!

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