Inspiration of the Day

It's a time when the flowers are a bloom.  
I took these pictures near my apartment.  
I loved the colors, I couldn't resist.
I am loving floral designs on just about everything.  
I am loving the soft delicate colors.  
I am loving neutral colors.  
I am loving navy.
Here are some of my spring finds that I hope you find inspiring.  
$38.00 {here}

$12.99 {here}

$12.80 {here}

$26.90 {here}

$28.00 {here}

$24.00 {here}

$5.80 {here}

$3.80 {here}


Hope Chella said...

Thanks so much! I think you nailed that one on the head too about girls & blogs and boys & video games:) xo


Alea said...

Your photography is amazing! Just thought I'd let you know...

lara said...

encantadoras fotos y encantador blog

Annie said...

Wow, I love everything, especially those polaroids.

SogniSorrisi said...

Love the scarf, headband and earrings.

trishie said...

i love the photos of the flower you took, so simple and beautiful. i also love the anthropology top a lot!

JG said...

Hey I just bought that Shade skirt! Love it! Love your whole post.

Brian and Kayla said...

Nice blog Rach. I really want to recommend it to a few people that I know would love looking at it.

Little Bear Stories said...

The flower pictures are gorgeous! x

Bridget said...

those are some gooorgeous items. i'd like to make them mine.

Aron said...

Great images. What are you doing in peru? How is it so far? Thanks so much for your comment on our blog, glad you liked it!

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