How-To: Blogger Templates

I had a reader ask about my template, so I want to share with you what I have found.  I have been switching things around a lot because there is so much available out there.  It's like trying on shoes.  There are so many free shapes, sizes, colors, and details out there to spice things up (so they are like shoes without the free part.... if only).  I want to share the websites and tips I find as I spice up my blog.  First things first:  Blog Templates.  There are plenty of free templates out there, and here are a few I have chosen to share with you.  Also, here is a tutorial on how to make your own background.  And here is a place you can download free backgrounds.  And here is a tutorial on how to make headers. Yay for freebies!  The easiest way is to download a free template like the ones below. If you feel artsy fartsy go ahead and create your own.  Let me know if you do!  I would love to check it out.

Found {here}
With this basic white blog you can switch the photo and header (and even the background color if you desire).  It comes with 3, 5, 6, or 8 columns. This can be used for just about any type of blog.  I am very fond of white backgrounds.  They are clean and professional.

Found {here}
Who doesn't love birds?  This template would be for a creative blog. Three columns.
As would the next one...
Found {here}

Found {here}.  This is a great template for photographers as is the next one.

Found {here}. This is also ideal for a travel blogger.

Found {Here}.  This template would be great for the journalist and avid writer.
Found {here}.  I find this simple and clean.
Found {here} for the fashionista.
Found {here} for the recipe blogger. Yum.

More templates found {here} {here} and {here}.

Now how to install them.  
1. Downlaod the template from the website.
2. Save it to your desktop.
3. Go to your dashboard.
4. Click on layout.
5. Choose the Edit HTML tab.
6. Save a copy of your current template, just in case.
7. Click the Choose File button and find the template saved on your desktop.
8. Click upload.
9.  There should be a pop-up asking if you want to save your gadgets (mine have all been saved from the various times I have switched my template).
10. Preview it to see if you like it.
11. Click Save Template if you do like it.

It really is quite simple if you download a blogger template from one of these websites.  Let me know if anything is confusing and I will try to make it easier for you.

Have fun!


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

I love the illustrations of "trying on shoes"...indeed. You caught quickier than I did when I first was trying to find templates AND learn how to place them. I would LOVE to see you try the Photograph table with sciossors and coffee, that one is reallyyyyy NICE and unique.....haven't seen anyone with that.

Alexandra Rae said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH. And can I just say, loving the early morning Feist. I bought a great book, Google Blogger for Dummies (that'd be me), but since I'm also a lazy dummy, I hadn't gotten through the section on free templates for blogger. Thank you for dropping this in my lap. Your blog looks great!

Tasha said...

Very helpful post!

Also, thanks for checking out my blog and for the sweet comment!

I'm definitely following!

Fé... said...

Thank you so much... This is such a thoughtful and helpful post. Thanks for sharing with us!

Heather said...

what a lovely post! i'm in the process of revamping, too. i love what you've done with yours!

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