The Rain Came Down and The Floods Came Up

It’s been raining here in Trujillo, Peru for the past three days.  The people say that it is very bizarre.  It only rains twice a year, they say, and never this bad.  The effects aren’t so good.  The people aren’t prepared for this weather at all.  We live in the “burbs” – cement houses with tile floors no A/C.  Others who live in outlying villages have thatch roofs and dirt floors.  I can’t imagine.  Some people in our church on Sunday had to leave in the middle of church to help someone because their roof had collapsed.  The streets are filled with rain and people aren’t really going out much.
 We were slightly affected by the rain.  Two things happened in our apartment that were caused by it.  The first being me exposed to Chinese Water Torture.   I was sleeping when this happened.  The light fixture is right above my bed and water was leaking from it right square into my belly button.   (If you know anything above Chinese Water Torture you know that they drip water on your forehead until you go crazy.  I think the belly button is as easily as effective.  It only took two drops for me to get annoyed. Note: I should never be a spy).  I got up and moved my bed.  (I say MY bed because our apartment only has two twin-sized beds that we just scoot together. It's the best of both world... our own beds.... still sleeping by each other..... we might do this at home). 
As I was scooting my bed across the room I noticed some muddy footprints leading from the open window into our second story apt.  Affect numero dos of the rain.  We had a visitor.   I followed the prints around the apartment and found the culprit under my husband’s bed.  It was a cat.   It had gotten in before but we didn’t know how.   With the muddy footprints we could play detective; we now knew how to avoid having the fur-ball in our apartment (Note: think about becoming a detective).  It’s amazing how the cat jumped on all these crazy things to get into our second story window.  She had to leap from the top of the carport into the window.  I am praying I don’t wake up to a thump tonight.  But cats have nine lives right?  It’ll be fine.  

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