Our Peru Adventure Begins

We are in Peru!  It's beginning to feel more real that we are here.  We had a mostly pleasant adventure to our destination.  The plane rides weren't terribly long.  The last plane ride was about six hours, where Chase and I slept about 3 uncomfortable hours each.  I wore a fedora hat the whole day but took it off while I slept on the last plane.  When I woke up I notice my hat sitting on my lap which I thought was odd since I had placed on the floor before I shut my eyes.  I picked it up and examined it in the dark light.  This was not my fedora old man hat.  What?  Where did this come from?  MY hat was by my feet and I hat another in my lap.  What?  I tapped the guys in front of me, "is this your hat?", "no" he replied.  We asked others.  It turned out to be an elderly man's hat a row up and diagonal to us.  How the heck did this man who sat so far away get his hat onto my lap?  Lesson learned, if you fall asleep on airplanes you get old man clothes in your lap.  I wish I could have kept it.  This old guy was stylin'.

We are at our hotel (it's a hostel).  It's.... interesting.... better than sleeping on the ground with a tarp though like in wilderness quest.  Our room is tiny with a full size hard as a rock bed with old sheets.  The bathroom has see thru tinted panels as well as the door to our room... talk about awkward.  At least its in a corner so no one passes by... I hope.  It's humid here but the temperature is pleasant.  I am wearing a short sleeve tee and jeans and it's PERFECT!  I am not even sweating.  Fabulous. 

So, things that have stood out to me are the colorful buildings.  They are all painted such bright and beautiful colors.  graffiti is EVERYWHERE! Someone even tagged Chase's back as we walked down the street (okay not really but that's on an episode of 30 rock that I find Hilarious).  People drive crazy here but the people act very calm while driving like maniacs.  The fact that they don't show road rage makes it feel somewhat better... 

This afternoon we got bus ticket to Trujillo for Sunday and we walked around the local mall.  I feel SOOOO lost.  It feels humbling to be an outsider and not know the language.  I feel extremely thankful to have my handsome husband who knows the language and has been here previously.  I have so much to learn. 


Nick and Emily said...

we're missing you. I'm happy to hear you got there safe. and hope you don't feel too lost for too long. I sent you a copy of my first draft of my first chapter. maybe it can keep you busy while your boy is away. have fun in the jungle crazy land. LOVE YOU!

Brian and Kayla said...

Good to hear from you guys!

Alyssa said...

love it!

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