Lace and Pearl Necklace

Old Pearl Necklace  
Thick thread  

How –To  
Cut Three Feet of ¾ inch  lace.  
Grab old Pearl Necklace   (Large Pearls)  
And cut the string to free the  beads.  
Grab a needle and thread   
(I chose a thick white thread).  
Fold the lace into three sections. 
Pinch the lace at the start of the middle section  
and pull the needle through   the center of it.  
Add a pearl to the needle.  
Wrap the lace around the bead and loop it over.  
Pinch it to where the length of it covers   
the other half of the bead.  
Pierce the lace where you want the   
lace to hit the other side.   
Repeat  until you have a fair amount  
of beads in the middle section.  

Use the remaining lace on the two ends to tie the necklace on.   You can adjust the length by tying it tighter or looser. 


Nick and Emily said...

Gosh! look at you miss crafty. i can't believe all the new stuff you've been doing. looks like you knew just how to become a wifey. ha ha.

LalaLaurynnn said...

I love this! I'm definitely going to make it

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